Welcome to the School Based English Mentoring (SBEM) Home Page

This web page is a portal for school based English mentoring for both primary and secondary school teachers in Ethiopia.

School Based English Mentoring (SBEM): Being a Reflective Practitioner

In Ethiopia many teachers of English and their students need support in developing their own language proficiency and in improving their teaching methods. To improve as a teacher, experience alone is not enough. How can new ideas (learnt in a training course, for example) make a difference to what teachers actually do (and not just to what they say they do)? In what ways can teachers put the new ideas into practice and make them become part of their daily teaching routines? To help teachers, especially young and inexperienced teachers, with this process, SBEM (School Based English Mentoring) has been introduced at our schools. The documents to right of your screen are for both the mentor and mentee. Please download the documents to learn more.

Who is this Guide for?

This guide has been written mainly for teachers who are being trained as in-service mentors of colleagues and run School Based English Mentoring (SBEM) programs. It may also interest other educational professionals whose job it is to help teachers learn. They can read how this type of in-service mentoring can support the achievement of the MOE-designed standards for the competencies of English teachers. How to use the Guide You can read the guide from beginning to end like an essay or an instruction manual, but you can also just consult sections that specifically relate to a case or situations that you are involved in.