Registration Information

To register for NIMEI, first check the Admission Criteria to see whether you will be eligible. If you are, you can download the three forms required to register:
  • the Registration Form
  • the Recommendation Letter Template
  • the Medical Certificate Template
Before you register,
  • Fill out the Registration Form completely
  • Obtain 3 Recommendation Letters (using the Recommendation Letter Template) by 3 different individuals from your present or former work environment
  • Obtain a Medical Certificate in the way described in the Medical Certificate Template.
On the Registration dates (consult the Calendar of Events), registration is open at the 10 participating Universities:
  • Ambo University
  • Axum University
  • Debre Birhan University
  • Debre Markos University
  • Dilla University
  • Dire Dawa University
  • Made Malabu University
  • Wollega University
  • Wollo University
  • Wolayta Sodo University
You have to take the above-mentioned pre-filled forms and submit them at registration. Also bring those documents that are mentioned in the document "Credentials needed".
Participating Regional Hospital Medical Schools
Also participating in the NIMEI Programme will be
  • Adama Hospital
  • Yekatit 12 Hospital
  • Yirgalem Hospital
Registration at those instititutions will be for candidates with sponsoring on the regional level.
Admission exams
Shortly after registration for NIMEI closes, an admission committee from the two Ministries and the National Agency for Examinations will publish information about eligible candidates, admission examination and/or interviews.
Enrolled students in the NIMEI will enjoy lodging and full board at the selected Universities. No further stipend will be applicable.

For feedback and questions about the NIMEI please email to and/or