Results of Appeals to NIMEI Placement

  1. Appeal Results

    As per the announcement, appeals have been accepted through emails and in person on the placement to the medical schools .

    A total of 124 appeals have been received.
    The FMOE /FMOH appeals hearing committee reviewed all these case by case.
    The committee has given due attention and placement changes were done on the following cases:
    1. Mutual exchanges between candidates: 26
    2. Exchange of space as per request on the appeal: 12
    3. Correction of misplacement of candidate as per their choice: 3
    The rest of the appeals were primarily requests to change to Addis Ababa, which could not be granted as the education capacity of Yekatit 12 Hospital was already reached.

    The list of candidates that could be re-placed, and of those for whom the re-placement request could not be granted, is available from the menu on the right hand side.

  2. Adama Medical College Placement change

    There have been changes in the placement of candidates placed at Adama Hospital Medical College from different registration sites, as there was not enough space in the college this year. Therefore it has been necessary to reallocate 21 candidates to other medical schools.

    Criteria used for reassignment: The criteria for re-placement of these 21 candidates were primarily the next choices of these candidates as on the registration form, the entrance examination scores, GPAs of the undergraduate education, and availability of space in the other medical schools.

    A list of the new placement for these 21 candidates is available in the menu on the right-hand side.

  3. Reserve Candidates

    Reserves are not yet assigned on this placement. However, if those assigned in the respective medical schools don’t appear and vacant seats are available during the registration process in the medical schools, placement of reserves will be conducted using the same criteria as indicated above.

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