Welcome to the English Language Teacher Improvement Program (ELTIP) Home Page

This web page is a portal to activities, lesson plans, and resources which may be used by both primary and secondary school teachers in Ethiopia. They are conveniently arranged in 5 key language areas: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing and TKT-Teacher Methodology. The 6th option is for those English teachers taking the national English examinations. The two main goals for organizing all these resources are:
  1. To help individual teachers improve their own English language ability,
  2. To provide valuable resources for these teachers to use (or adapt) in their classroom to help their students achieve success in learning English.
To view the resources, please click on the language skill on the left. A list of documents will appear on the right. Click on the desired document and download it for free. Please note, all documents are in PDF Format and all listening activities are in MP3 format.

If you have a lesson plan/activity that you would like to share with other teachers, please email it to davidjfenech@hotmail.com . There is a lesson plan template available on this website as well.

ELTIP Advisory Team

The English Language Teacher Improvement Program has been set up by the MoE to improve the level of English language instruction among Primary and Secondary school teachers in Ethiopia.