English Language Improvement Centre

Welcome to the English Language Improvement Center (ELIC) Home Page!
This web page is a portal to activities, lesson plans, and resources which may be used by both teacher college (CTE) and university ELIC coordinators. There are four options:
  1. ELIC Coordinators’ Corner
  2. Programming for Tertiary Level Teachers/Instructors
  3. Programming for Tertiary Level Students
  4. Programming for Non-Teaching Staff
The two main goals for organizing all these resources are:
  1. To help the ELIC coordinators around the country with available resources for their programming.
  2. To provide a platform for ELIC coordinators to share ideas.
To view the resources, please click on the options on the left. A list of documents/resources will appear on the right. Click on the desired document and download it for free. Please note, all documents are in PDF Format and all listening activities are in MP3 format. Also, you will find the same document applicable to more than one beneficiary (i.e., an activity can be used with students and teachers at your institution…with only some modification.)

If you have a lesson plan/activity that you would like to share with other ELIC coordinators, please email it to davidjfenech@hotmail.com. There is a lesson plan template available on this website as well.

ELIC Advisor February 2012

The English Language Improvement Centres (ELICs) were established in higher education institutions to create opportunities to equip candidate teachers with appropriate teaching skills and language proficiency. Each ELIC operates autonomously and bases its programming on the needs of its institution. ELICs serve as resource centers and run different clubs to provide exposure for better learning and communication in English. They also deliver different training to build the capacity of English language instructors, academic, administrative and support staff and students.