Higher Education

Higher education is provided by universities, university colleges and specialized institutions. They are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. Junior colleges and colleges offering diploma programs are also under regional governments and private providers.
The main laws/ decrees governing higher education are
  • Decree: Council of Ministers Regulation Year: 2003
    Concerns: Cost sharing in higher education universities
  • Decree: Council of Ministers Regulation Year: 1999
    Concerns: Universities
  • Decree: Council of Ministers Regulation N° 197/1994 Year: 1994
    Concerns: Administration of Higher Education Institutions in the regions.
  • Decree: Council of Ministers Regulation No. 113/1993 Year: 1993
    Concerns: Addis Ababa University
  • Decree: Proclamation No. 109 of 1977 Year: 1977
    Concerns: Higher Education Institutions
  • Decree: Proclamation No. 351/2003 Year: 2003
    Concerns: All higher education issues
Academic year
Classes from: Sep to: Jul
Languages of instruction: English
Stages of studies
Non-university level higher vocational and technical education are offered by
  • agricultural colleges,
  • teacher training colleges,
  • engineering and technological institutes,
  • health and commercial institutions.
Courses last between two and three years and lead to diplomas.
University level studies
  • University level first stage: Bachelor's Degree
    The first stage of university level education leads to the Bachelor's Degree after three to four years' study. Examinations are organized at the end of each semester. In Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the professional qualification of Doctor is conferred after five years' study.
  • University level second stage: Master's Degree; Specialization
    The second stage leads to a Master's Degree after a minimum of two years' further study. In Medicine and Veterinary Medicine the specialization degree is obtained after a minimum of three years' further study beyond the MD and DVM degrees.
  • University level third stage: Doctor of Philosophy
    The Doctor of Philosophy is conferred after some three years' study beyond the Master's degree.
Teacher education
  • Training of pre-primary and primary/basic school teachers:
    First Cycle primary school teachers follow a one-year course after grade 10 in regional Primary Teacher Training Institutes (TTI). A diploma awarded by Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) is required to teach in the second cycle of primary education.
  • Training of secondary school teachers:
    Secondary school teachers must have at least a first degree. They are trained at the Faculties of Education of Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar University, Alemaya University and Debub University (Dila), Jima University and Mekelle University which offer a three-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Education. Technical education teachers follow a three-year degree course at Nazreth Technical Teachers College.
  • Training of higher education teachers:
    Masters and PhD level teacher/staff training is undertaken at Addis Abeba University Graduate School. Many teachers are also trained abroad. Debub University and Alameya Universities are currently training students at Master's level. Other higher education institutions (Jimma, Mekelle) are planning to do so shortly.