School Education Notes

According to the new structure of the education system, primary education lasts for eight years (age group 6-14) and is divided into two cycles: basic education (Grades I-IV) and general education (Grades V-VIII). Junior secondary schools no longer exist, as Grades VII and VIII have become the two upper classes of the second cycle of primary education.

Secondary education is divided into two cycles: the first (Grades IX and X) or general secondary education, and the second cycle (Grades XI and XII) or preparatory secondary education. Since the education reform, completion of Grade X leads to the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESLCE). It used to be at the end of Grade XII. The second cycle prepares students to continue their studies at the higher education level or select their profession. It offers a science option and a social science option.

At the end of this cycle, students take the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance examination to enter higher education institutions. Technical and vocational education and training is institutionally separate from the regular education system and runs in parallel with it.